Scale Your SaaS

211: Use Data on Your Team’s Skills to Grow - with Mikael Wornoo

May 10, 2022 Matt Wolach
Scale Your SaaS
211: Use Data on Your Team’s Skills to Grow - with Mikael Wornoo
Show Notes


In this episode of SaaS Story in the Making, host Matt Wolach and Mikaël Wornoo, COO and Co-Founder of TechWolf, talk about growing a company using the right actions, especially through gathering needed data on employees’ skills. 

Wornoo shared valuable lessons from his experience in the early days of their company and his expertise in data and AI technology which is a great help for organizations’ Human Resources.


Podcast: SaaS-Story in the Making

Episode: Episode No 211, “Boost Your Company’s Growth with Skills Intelligence”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Mikaël Wornoo, COO and Co-Founder of TechWolf.


  • Leverage Skill Data
  • Allow Strategic Planning for Managers
  • Encourage Employee Development  


  • Continue to Expand Your Horizons 


Mikaël Wornoo

[06:06] “The daily grind, right especially in the beginning of those first few years. They’re typically horrible. A good co-founding team can make it less horrible; in a satisfying sense.”

[07:49] “Instead of studying the product that people are using, let’s study what they’re trying to do with the product; let’s study the process.”

[14:32] “As they use more data. They can become more strategic.”

[16:02] “If you start a company, you don’t know what works, what doesn’t work. So keeping that curiosity was key for them. We really still tried to have that continuous curiosity.”

Matt Wolach

[09:54] “Having those little successes and those little celebrations really kind of fueled us to want more and want more of those celebrations.”

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