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224: How to Keep Your Culture While Working Remote - with Alexander Embiricos

August 09, 2022 Matt Wolach
Scale Your SaaS
224: How to Keep Your Culture While Working Remote - with Alexander Embiricos
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In today’s age of fast-paced progress, adaptability and flexibility are a must for your business to thrive. Remote work grants this opportunity as you can work with anyone from anywhere and even anytime. However, you might be wondering how you keep the office culture alive when interactions are scant among your employees.

This is where B2B SaaS Sales Coach and host Matt Wolach and Remotion’s Co-Founder and CEO, Alexander Embiricos, will have your back as they discuss the necessity of preserving work culture by forging trust among employees even in remote work. 

Embiricos also discusses why and how one should go about helping employees organically build friendly relationships beyond tasks and due dates. The goal, after all, for everyone is to live the dream. Embiricos’ mission succinctly states, “enable teams to live and work on their own terms.” Read more to find out how you can keep the culture alive within your remote team.


Podcast: SaaS-Story in the Making

Episode: Episode No. 224, “How to Keep Your Culture While Working Remote – with Alexander Embiricos”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Alexander Embiricos, Co-Founder, and CEO at Remotion


  • Use a Virtual Office
  • Develop the Product Towards the Market
  • Create a Waiting List


  • Balance is Key
  • Employee Rapport is Essential To Business Success


Alexander Embiricos

[22:56] “I think the major downside that we’re wrestling with now is that it led us to invest in the early user experience because every early user spoke to us. They heard me like passionately talk about, you know, like our view of team building. And they also got bespoke recommendations for how to use the product. And so today, we have self-serve up again.” 

[24:34] “So the market will catch up to me, but I need that’s why I’m here. And my take is, you know, don’t necessarily build with customers tell you they want you to build, but certainly, you know, be talking to customers and figure out their problems and make sure it passes the Mom Test and you know, build something that solves a problem they have.”

Matt Wolach

[2:42] “You’ve got to make sure that in the early days, you don’t crush yourself and you don’t make it so you hate what you’re doing. You hate your job, you hate your company, you hate your mark. That’s not a good thing. So getting that balance, I think is super critical.”

[23:53] “I think that the best advice possible is, talk with your market, learn from them, figure out what’s needed [and] what’s necessary, what’s not necessary, and develop your product towards it. [Then] develop your marketing messages towards that, and make sure you’re servicing the customer.”

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