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236: How to Use Data to Win More Deals - with Nik Mijic

November 01, 2022 Matt Wolach
Scale Your SaaS
236: How to Use Data to Win More Deals - with Nik Mijic
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When it comes to data, people's impression is that it's usually part of the company's quarterly review or all about the KPI. But what if I tell you that data can also be used as a magnetic lead generator that will cement your deals? How? The critical phrase is data-driven content.

Matik Co-Founder and CEO Nik Mijic chatted with B2B SaaS Sales Coach and Host Matt Wolach about the magic of data in any of your sales presentations. He also explains that a captivating story must unfold in the prospects' minds for data to be enough. Watch and discover how you can move your leads to shake hands with you through data presentation!


Podcast: SaaS-Story in the Making

Episode: Episode No. 236, "How to Use Data to Win More Deals - with Nik Mijic"

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Nikola Mijic, CEO/ Co-Founder of Matik


  • Tell a Story Through Insights
  • Hook the CFO With Statistics
  • Automate Your Sales Deck via Matik
  • Hire in Twos for Sales
  • Get a Designer Early On


  • Data Fosters Client Trust
  • Data Reinforces Emotions
  • Culture is a Foundation of Success


Nik Mijic

[4:22] "I've always wanted to start a company. I'm originally a refugee. So I think the American dream is to start your own company and go down that path. But I never knew what I wanted to do. And I've always been passionate about data. I've always been passionate about storytelling. And thought, hey, this is a great idea."

[10:47] “Showing data for the sake of data is not a good thing. You want to be able to take data and transform it into insights that will then tell a good story."

Matt Wolach

[6:29] "Make sure you have data. Make sure you back up everything, like data. Make sure you can build that trust and show people the potential and what's out there."

[10:13] "We use that same terminology: Arm your champion. It's like in Game of Thrones when you can have trial-by-combat. You've got your champion that you pick to be that person, and you have to make sure that they know how to help you and take care of you. You’ve got to an arm that champions, and one of the best ways is using data."

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