Scale Your SaaS

237: From 0 to 16 Million Users - Here’s How - with Payman Taei

November 08, 2022 Matt Wolach
Scale Your SaaS
237: From 0 to 16 Million Users - Here’s How - with Payman Taei
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If there's one thing software entrepreneurs worldwide have in common, it's that we all want to scale. In fact, we all crave to see our companies succeed so much that growing has almost become like a race. Nonetheless, some business owners opted to play the long-term game instead and achieved just as much bottom line.

Visme Founder and President Payman Taei share his long-term growth strategies with Host and B2B SaaS Sales Coach Matt Wolach. He talks about the importance of not giving up, choosing quality, and communicating better with your audience. Watch and learn how to be the epitome of Warren Buffet in growing your SaaS!


Podcast: SaaS-Story in the Making

Episode: Episode No. 237, "From 0 to 16 Million Users - Here’s How - with Payman Taei"

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Payman Taei, Founder & President at Visme


  • Always Differentiate from Competitors
  • Focus on Hiring Good People
  • Invest in Content Marketing
  • Remember to Niche Down
  • Prioritize Solving User Issues Over Increasing Features


  • Consistency is Key
  • Stories Make People Care
  • Quality Leads Over Quantity


Payman Taei

[5:56] "Everybody's designs and graphics look like everybody else's because they're using the same templates, illustration, graphics, and everyone else. And it's all about standing over your competitors and others by differentiating yourself."

[10:15] “So it's challenging because if you just create the same stuff everybody else is creating, you're offering no value. You have to offer value to your audience."

Matt Wolach

[8:21] "And I love what you said about how it looks different. So really, you're differentiating by making it easy for your customers to be able to differentiate themselves because of what they're putting out there and all that content."

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